5 05, 2020

Agenda for May 11, 2020 General Meeting (Zoom)

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Our General Meeting for Monday May 11th has been moved to the Zoom virtual meeting platform.     A meeting Id and password was sent to the mailing list, if you did not receive it and would like to join, pleas email us at WebsterWaterSki@Gmail.com


1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from March 10th

2)  Treasurer’s Report
       – 501c3 status update

3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
     – News from USA Water Ski
     – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing
     – Memberships caps?
     – Training and certifications

4)  Clothing orders, etc

5) Learn to Ski Days

6) New Business/Discussion from the general membership. 

22 01, 2020

Minutes from January 20, 2020 General Meeting

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January 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Webster Water Ski Collective had a general membership meeting on January 20, 2020 at Point Breeze in Webster.
Attendees (15):   Linda, Heather, Carrie, Kevin, Blake, Nick, Bob, Susan, Victoria, Peg, Tim, Gloria, Bill, Karen, Ryan
Known Absences (via email/call) – 7:    Kelly, Ron,  Jim, Dave,  Joan,  Janet,  Joe.

After a social period, the meeting was called to order at 7pm by Ryan

Item 1)   Elections

In the previous meeting on October 29th, 2019, the following people were nominated for officers:

President: Ryan DesRoches
Vice President: Nick Cioffi
Secretary: Heather Jackman
Treasurer: Linda Candela
Director: Carrie Wolfe

These nominees were announced in the meeting minutes […]

21 11, 2019

Meeting Minutes from October 29, 2019 General Meeting

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The collective held its second ever meeting on October 29th at Point Breeze:

Attendees (15):   Linda Candela, Bob Patrick, Kevin Kudzal, Peg Daley, Nick Cioffi, Carrie Wolfe, Gloria Ricker, Ron Kokernak, Tim Bell, Joe Zmetra,  Ryan DesRoches, Leonardo Topa, Joan Kokernak, David Kokernak
Known Absences (4):  Susan Tritell,  Bill Michalson, Karen Michalson, Heather Jackman

Meeting opened at 7pm, with Ryan serving as moderator.

Item 1)   Incorporation:

Ryan gave the floor to Linda and Tim to convey their research into incorporate.    Its was both their recommendation to try to incorporate as a tax-exempt organization, which would require us to fill out a form 1023EZ with IRS.    […]

25 09, 2019

Minutes from September 24, 2019 General Meeting

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Minutes from September 24, 2019 General Meeting

Attendees (16):   Linda Candela, Bob Patrick, Bill Michalson, Karen Michalson, Kevin Kudzal, Peg Daley, Heather Jackman, Nick Cioffi, Chad Sullivan, Carrie Wolfe, Randy Daggett, Gloria Ricker, Ron Kokernak, Tim Bell, Joe Zmetra,  Ryan DesRoches.

Absent, but called with interest:  Brenda Romanek,  Susan Tritell,  Janet Goddard, Christina Menard

Sorry if I misspelled any names!


Ryan kicked off the meeting promptly at 7pm with a thank you to the group for making 2019 a lot of fun and seeing the group grow organically from three people back in April/May to a group of about 30 at this point. […]


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