Welcome to the Webster Water Ski Collective’s eCommerce shop!   

Here is where you can securely purchase yearly memberships and day passes, but check back as we might soon be posting clothing and other “SWAG” in the weeks and months ahead.     All payments go through PayPal –  so we will NEVER see your personal credit-card/payment information.      

Questions/Comments?   Email us at [email protected]   Happy Shopping!

  • Sponsor a skier for the December Swaterski Event.     Please Add a comment to whom you are donating for when you checkout!    Current Skiers as of 11/25/2020
    Ryan DesRoches Snow/Water 
    Liam Menard Snow/Water 
    Christina Menard Snow/Water 
    Keith Menard Snow/Water 
    Nicholas Cioffi Snow/Water
    Heather Jackman Water Only
    Brenda Fallon Snow/Water 
    Tom Fallon Snow/Water 
    Evan Fallon Snow/Water 
    Elizabeth Fallon Snow/Water 
    Steve Bordua Snow/Water 
    Eric Bordua Snow/Water 
    Joshua Pagan Snow/Water 
    Linda Candella Snow/Water 
    Sydney Zmetra Snow Only
    Joe Zmetra Snow Only
    Jimmy Kokernak Snow/Water
    Will Dems Snow/Water
    Helen Dems Snow/Water
    Mike Rawdon Water Only
    Mike Rawdon Jr Water Only
    Nick Pepper Water Only
    Mike Rawdon Jr Snow/Water
    Johnna Romanek Snow/Water
    Brandi LabonteSnow Only
  • High Quality waterproof 4x4 decals.    Great for putting on a ski, boat, your car, notebooks. etc to show your support for the collective!
  • Collective T-Shirts

  • Day/Drop In Rates – $15

    Never water skied before and want a lesson?   Or want to just try us out before committing?    Well come and join us for one of our ski night/days and meet the group.   We give day passes at $15 per person and that includes being covered with the USA Water Ski insurance (for 24 hours) and also includes the gas for the boat and instruction.     We ask that you please contact us first to make sure that we will have the gear and instructors available to help you.    508-944-9793 or email us at [email protected]
  • Non-Skiing Members – $30

    We welcome those that just like to watch or support our cause. Non-Skiing members may be parents, grandparents, or really anyone that loves this sport and wants to help it grow in Webster and the Surrounding area. Non-Skier Benefits:
    • Will have voting rights for elections and in general meetings if over the age of 14.
    • May participate in club events on shore or in the boat*
    • May participate in any clinics the club may be hosting
    • May attend all meetings of the Webster Water Ski Collective including Board of Director meetings as a observer.
    * For insurance purposes, we as that all non-skiing members also obtain a Grass-roots membership with USA Water Ski.
  • Family Memberships: $125 first member, $100 for each additional, cap of $400

    All Family Members must live in the same household, and consist of at least one Adult and children under the age of 18 or in college/trade school and be under the age of 23. The Adult member may be a non-skier. For a family of five, the breakdown looks like this:
    1. Member 1: $125
    2. Member 2: $100
    3. Member 3: $100
    4. Member 4: $75
    5. Member 5: FREE
    Note, non-skiing members may participate in the family plan, but if the cap is NOT reached, they will be charged the rate for a non-active membership. The first ACTIVE member will be charged at the $125 rate. ACTIVE Family Members will receive all the same benefits as indivigual members * All Skiing members must carry at least a grass-roots membership in USA Water Ski for insurance purposes. Click here to find out about USA Water Ski Memberships.
  • Individual ACTIVE Membership – $125*

    Active Members Benefits:
    • Will be allowed to ski on designated/sanctioned ski nights with the club for no additional fee during th “Active” season of June 1 through August 31
    • Will be allowed to participate in the extended season from April->June and from August-> September for a small fee per ski night (to cover gas).
    • Will have access to all club equipment during sanctioned ski times
    • If over the age of 14, will be allowed to vote in general meetings and elections of officers
    • Regardless of age, any member may participate as an observer in any club meeting or event.
    *NOTE:  All Active members of The Webster Water Ski collective must also be grassroots or active members of USA Water Ski in order to ski with us (for insurance purposes).    We do ask for your USA Water Ski membership number as a part of this checkout feature.     

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