• Your donation to the Webster Water Ski Collective's Adaptive Water Ski Program  allows us to continue to bring our love of waterskiing to our disabled community whom normally would never get the opportunity to participate in a water sport.       Your gift will allow us to provide the specialized equipment that is needed to allow those with spinal, muscular, and cognitive disabilities to enjoy water skiing in a fun and safe manner.    In 2022,  we met our goal of hosting over 100 disabled participants whom skied with us at one of our four Adaptive Ski days in Central Massachusetts.    In addition to meeting this goal, we also welcomed for the first time five adaptive skiers into our general membership and allowed them to ski with us during our normal ski times.   In 2023 we hope to continue to improve on our offerings and help bring smiles to all our amazing participants.    In order to do this though, we need your support!  Your donations will help us cover our main expenses for gas, boat maintenance, equipment repairs, training, food and also allow us to purchase new equipment so we can continue to expand on our offerings.   

    Sponsorship Tiers:

    Bronze Tier -  $50 - $249

    • As a bronze tier sponsor, your organization will have your logo present on the homepage of our website and social media pages as well as have a public acknowledgement at all of our events during our welcoming speech to our participants.   
    • A gift in this range will greatly help the collective maintain our equipment, allowing us to purchase new bindings, fins, and life jackets as well as offset our gas expenses.

    Silver Tier -  $250 - $499

    • As a silver tier sponsor, your organization will have your logo present on our homepage and social media pages, public acknowledgements at our events and also have your logo printed on our club and event clothing and marketing materials.    
    • A gift in this range will greatly help in the maintenance and purchasing of new equipment.     A donation of this size can be used to purchase new combination skis or an intermediate level slalom ski for our skiers.   

    Gold Tier -  $500+

    • As a gold tier sponsor,  your organization will have your logo placed on our club website and social media sites, their logo placed on our promotional clothing, and their logo displayed on a banner to be hung at or club shack and/or pontoon boat that will be visible on Webster Lake and also brought to all of our events.  
    • A gift in this range will greatly help us to continue to host our events at no cost to all of our participants.     In addition, a gift of this size might also be used to purchase advanced skis and safety equipment for our club, as well as being used for major purchases.  

    Platinum Tier -  $1000+

    • As a platinum tier sponsor,  your organization will have your logo placed on all the same places as the gold level tier and addition will also be placed on our new equipment trailer that will go to all our events and will be visible from the road as we travel.     
    • A gift in this range will be used to continue to expand our Adaptive Ski Program and will be used for our major equipment purchases. 
    All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) organization! Thank you for supporting Water Skiing and Water Sports!
  • Our Third Annual "Swaterski" event will take place at Memorial Beach in Webster on April 1, 2023.      Skiers will brave the cold water and waterski and then head on over to Wachusett Mountain (Conditions permitting) to snow-ski for the day.      We are asking for people to "Sponsor a skier" that is participating,  with the donations going to the National Brain Tumor Society and/or the Webster-Dudley Food Share. Over the past two years of hosting this event, we have raised over $25,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society and Webster Dudley Food Share!  Sponsors can choose what charity to donate to, or donate to both if they wish.      On the day of the event, we are also looking to do a can drive for the Webster-Dudley Food Share.   
     Ryan DesRoches Snow/Water 
     Liam Menard Snow/Water 
     Keith Menard Snow/Water 
     Christina Menard Snow/Water 
     Douglas Leenhouts Water
     Alyssa Forbes Snow/Water
     Linda Candela Snow/Water
     Nick Cioffi Water
     Jillian Mitchell Water/Snow
     Heather Jackman Water 
     James Ferguson Water/Snow


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