The following plan has been signed off on by the Webster Massachusetts Board of Health.    The Webster Water Ski Collective is focused on providing a safe and clean atmosphere for our skiers to reduce the risk of COVID transmission.      Safety officers will be on site for all sanctioned events/locations and will be responsible for making sure these rules are followed.     

1) Prior to the start of any activity, participants (athletes, judges, officials, boat drivers) will be asked if anyone is feeling sick or has been around anyone who has been sick within the last 14 days. If anyone answers “YES” to these questions they should not attend the event. If someone at an event starts to show signs or symptoms, they should notify the event organizer and/or event safety official and immediately leave the premises. 

All skiers will be required to sign a waver before skiing

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, We will  require a doctors note before they can come back to ski with us again. 

2) Keep “groups” of skiers to 10 or less.    We will be splitting the skiers up into two groups with two different locations on the lake.    Members are encouraged to RSVP for a location per ski night here:

3). Everyone wears a mask when not skiing,  including driver and spotter.

4).  Driver and Spotter should not change.   The spotter/driver pair will be consistent for the night to prevent unnecessary movement of people in and out of the boats.   (some exceptions may be necessary).

5) All Club equipment wiped down after use (skis/etc).   

6) Only the skier going out should be on the starting dock.    Skiers coming in should be dropped away from the starting points.    BE READY TO SKI, have your jacket and ski ready to go when its your turn to keep things moving!

7) No “doubles” or “show” skiing –  we will have only one skier behind the boat at a time. 

Questions may be directed to the board of directors –