Happy Birthday and a great #MemberMonday to one of our younger skiers – Kalin!
Kalin made a ton of strides this season, getting off her trainer and going quickly from boom, to longline, to cutting the wake and skiing doubles at the end of the season. We credit her friend Annabel for giving Kalin the kick in the pants she needed to give up the trainer! That’s why we love the collective – kids pushing other kids to get better!

Meet Kalin!

Age: Just turned 8 – Happy Birthday K-Dawg!
Hometown: Charlton
Home Site: Skis equally on Glen Echo and Webster Lake. #WebsterOriginal #glenechoskiers
Skiing since: Age 4 on a trainer or on Dad’s skis. Moved to longline this season.
What is something that some people don’t know about you: I was born a micro-preemie at 1lb, 15oz – a full three months early – so I like to do things on MY own schedule!
What type of skiing can you do: Just two skiing for now. I also practice some handle doubles in the water with my dad for fun. I also love to ski with my other friends!
What’s your favorite thing to do on the water?: I love to ski and swim!
Goals for 2021: Get better crossing both wakes and get on one ski.
What do you do for fun outside of skiing?: I am a girl scout and take Karate lessons. I have two dogs that I love to play with and cuddle with.
Advice to other skiers: Don’t be afraid to fall, you’re only going to get wet. Get back up and try, try again!