Its #MemberMonday again and today we feature our first ever – Glen Echo Skier as our featured member – meet Chopper!

Chopper stated skiing with us during our Glen Echo #LearnToSki event in July quickly fell in love with skiing, often staying late and asking for that #OneLastRun – which we were happy to give him.
Chopper quickly went from never having skis on before to being on longline that first day. With a limited season, he got comfortable behind the boat and was learning how to cross the wake. We expect big things from Chopper in 2021!
Chopper Hills
Age: 10
Hometown: Charlton, MA – Glen Echo Lake
Skiing for: Less than 1 year.
What is something that you are proud of:
Being good at Fortnite
What type of skiing can you do: I can ski in a straight line! 🙂
What’s your favorite thing to do on the water?:
Water Ski and swim
Goals for 2021: Cross the wake.
What do you do for fun outside of skiing?: Play Fortnite, go outside and play with my friends, Dirt bike riding.
Advice to other skiers: Just believe in yourself!
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