1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from May 11,2020 in Attendance: Linda, Peg, Carrie, Nick, Kevin, Blake, Susan, Heather and Ryan Started at 7:05pm
2)  Treasurer’s Report
      – 501c3 status update was Approved! Officially 501c3!!!
3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
    – News from USA Water Ski.We are waiting for state report
    – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing, we decided on 10/10 split pick a boat and stick to it.
    – Memberships caps? At 40
    – social distancing- wear masks on shore and driver and spotter
    – Lysol Equipment after each person uses it
4)  Clothing orders, etc Carrie looked into one company sweat shirts 12-14 ( small to XL) order 16.50 each sell for 25.00 each  (2xl +) 26.50 each sell for 30.00 each. Linda to call Kernin Graphics about another quote. To ask for Gene (from Kevin, possibly may become members)
5) Learn to Ski Days June 27th
6) Paying for the pontoon boat May 23rd
7) Do we need a Port-A-Potty  Ask AJ about restrooms
8) Start talking about sponsorship’s seeing we are a 5013c now
9) Make sure everyone does safe-sport
10) Skiing Tuesday, Thursday nights 6- dark and Sunday mornings 7 am – 10 am
11) Still trying to secure skiing on Glenn Echo Lake at Ryan’s on Saturday mornings and some evenings 
12) Thompson Girl Scouts still want to do a water safety day or learn to ski for older girls.
Next Meeting to be announced,
Thank you All,