We are raising money to support our Adaptive Ski Days and SwaterSki events as well as our general skiing at Point Breeze.

Why Docks? Well we saw that with the Adaptive Ski Event the docks at PB aren’t wide enough for wheelchair access. We also saw at Swaterski that they are very big, heavy and require a small army to move.

In order to do more events and to be safe – we really need wider docks that we can take in and out with just a few people. We also know that Aluminum docks are very expensive, but probably are the best option long term due to their lightweight and flexibility to add on to as needed. Again, this helps us out as skiers for the collective – giving us better and safer skiing platforms, while also helping out with our goals to give back to the community. . .

We will be selling sponsorships, with various “tiers” based on donation amounts.
  • Under $250 will get the sponsor’s name/business name on our website and public acknowledgement at all events.
  • $250-499 will get the sponsors logo on our club shirts, hoodies, and other marketing material as well on our website. They will also receive a free club shirt.
  • $500 and above donors will receive all the items above plus their logo on a banner that we will hang on the pontoon boat and/or the club shack at Point Breeze.
Donations can be made via our online shop  –