A meeting will be held at Point Breeze Restaurant beginning at 7pm,  people may arrive to order dinner at 6:30pm.


 1) Election of Officers for 2020

Current nominees are:
President:  Ryan DesRoches
Vice President:   Nick Cioffi
Secretary:   Heather Jackman
Treasurer:    Linda Candela
Director:   Carrie Wolfe

Any “member” may nominate someone for a position or run themselves.    Only members over the age of 14 will be allowed to vote for the board per rules set in the last meeting.

2) Incorporation/Banking News  (Linda and Tim )

Recommendation to file as 501c7 (social club)  instead of 501c3 (charity), weight pros and cons of each.

3) Bylaws  ( Ryan, Carrie, Karen)

Proposed edits to bylaws were collected prior to Thanksgiving.   We will discuss and propose a vote on the initial bylaws to govern to 2020 season

4) Logo and Website News (Nick and Ryan):

Website is up and we have gathered lots of feedback on the logo design.

5) News about our “Home Base” for 2020 (Ryan/Karen).

Draft contract/agreement letter to be discussed

6) Proposal from Kevin on a video event at town library ( Kevin )

7) Discussion of USA Waterski rules and requirements including drivers, instructors and safety coordinators (Linda – added to agenda on request on 12/5/19)

8) Discussions from the general membership/new business (to add to agenda for January meeting)