Sponsor a skier for the December Swaterski Event.     Please Add a comment to whom you are donating for when you checkout!    Current Skiers as of 11/25/2020
Ryan DesRoches Snow/Water 
Liam Menard Snow/Water 
Christina Menard Snow/Water 
Keith Menard Snow/Water 
Nicholas Cioffi Snow/Water
Heather Jackman Water Only
Brenda Fallon Snow/Water 
Tom Fallon Snow/Water 
Evan Fallon Snow/Water 
Elizabeth Fallon Snow/Water 
Steve Bordua Snow/Water 
Eric Bordua Snow/Water 
Joshua Pagan Snow/Water 
Linda Candella Snow/Water 
Sydney Zmetra Snow Only
Joe Zmetra Snow Only
Jimmy Kokernak Snow/Water
Will Dems Snow/Water
Helen Dems Snow/Water
Mike Rawdon Water Only
Mike Rawdon Jr Water Only
Nick Pepper Water Only
Mike Rawdon Jr Snow/Water
Johnna Romanek Snow/Water
Brandi LabonteSnow Only