Our Second Annual "Swaterski" event will take place at Point Breeze Marina on Saturday, November 27th.      Skiers will brave the cold water (last year, we broke through the ice!) and waterski and then head on over to Wachusett Mountian to snow-ski for the day.      We are asking for people to "Sponsor a skier" that is participating,  with the donations going to the National Brain Tumor Society and/or the Webster-Dudley Food Share. Last year - in our first event, we raised over $14,000 for the National Brain Tumor Society and had 30 skiers from around New England Participate.     This season we are hoping to also help out our local food bank whom is always in need during the holiday season.  Sponsors can choose what charity to donate to, or donate to both if they wish.      On the day of the event, we are also looking to do a can drive for the Webster-Dudley Food Share.   
 Ryan DesRoches  Snow/Water 
 Liam Menard  Snow/Water 
 Keith Menard  Snow/Water 
 Christina Menard  Snow/Water 
 Heather Smith-Svoboda  Water
 Alyssa Forbes  Water/Snow
 Nick Cioffi  Water/Snow
 Matt Lush  Water Only
 Paul Thoren  Water/Snow
 Elizabeth Fallon  Water/Snow
 Evan Fallon  Water/Snow
 Jimmy Kokernak  Water/Snow
 Mike Lynch  Water/Snow
 Linda Candela  Water/Snow
 Joe Zmetra  Snow Only
 Sydney Zmetra  Water/Snow
 Logan Zmetra  Snow Only