Disabled Veteran’s Adaptive Ski Day – July 10, 2024

Event Date:

July 10, 2024

Event Time:

8:30 am

Event Location:

Donahue Rowing Center

We are honored to be able to host a very special Adaptive Water Ski Clinic/Day for disabled veterans on July 10, 2024 at the Donahue Rowing Center in Shrewsbury Massachusetts.      This event is 100% free for participants and will also include free food, gift bags and more as we aim to make this a very special event for our participants.   This event is made possible via grants from the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs though USA Water Ski and Wake Sports.

Participants may sign up here or by using the QR code in the flyer below.      Participants can have any level of disability, either physical or cognitive ( including PTSD ) and will be able to ski on Lake Quinsigamond using our specialized adaptive equipment that can be used for both stand-up independent skiing or skiing on a specialized sit ski, we will also have equipment to help handle those that may have an upper body disability or amputation.     If you have specific questions about the event – please contact Ryan at Adaptive@WebsterWaterSki.org for more information. 

Food will be served to all of our participants and volunteers and we will also have t-shirts and other gifts to hand out to our amazing participants.    

Cancellation Policy:    We strive to fill all of our events, and will request a 72 hour notice prior to the event of a cancellation.     The 72 hour window will allow us to contact someone on the wait list or try to fulfill the spot that is being vacated.     

SKIERS:  All skier MUST fill out the registration form at https://ems.usawaterski.org/2024-veterans-learn-to-water-ski-clinic—shrewsbury–ma

Life Jackets:  Life jackets MUST be warn by all participants while they are in the water.     We do have many different sizes of life jackets available for participants, but highly encourage people to bring their own if they have them.     We will conduct a safety evaluation of all skiers prior to their ski run to make sure the jacket properly fits and is secure.   

Questions?: Any further questions may be directed toward our Director of Adaptive Skiing at Adaptive@WebsterWaterSki.org

Disabled Veteran's Adaptive Water Ski Day - July 10, 2024 |. Donahue Rowing Center, Shrewsbury MA

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Event FAQs

What do I need to bring?

All participants should bring their own bathing suit, towel, sunscreen and snacks to the event. A folding/portable chair is also recommended. If the skier has there own life-jacket, that is also recommended, however there will be jackets on hand for those that need them. Skis, Ropes, and all other water ski equipment will be provided by the Webster Water Ski Collective for this event.

Can non-participants watch?

Yes- we will allow for non-participants and parents to watch from shore.   Due to insurance restrictions, only approved volunteers and participants will be allowed to handle equipment or be in the water or boats during the event.   

What about Insurance? Are you covered if anything goes wrong?

Insurance will be provided via USA Water Ski and Wake Sports, whom have a rich history of sponsoring water ski tournaments and water sport events. Each participant and volunteer will need to be a USA Water Ski for that day of the event, and USA Water Ski offers a one day pass for $10 that will be covered as part of the registration fee. Any participant that needs a day pass may get one at the event, and must sign a waiver form. The insurance covers us for general liability as well as for any injuries that might take place. Safety is always our #1 goal and we will have a designated certified safety official on site in addition to our certified instructors and boat drivers to make this as safe and fun of an experience as possible for our participants and guest.

What is your cancellation policy?

We strive to fill all of our events, and will request a 72 hour notice prior to the event of a cancellation in order to receive your deposit back.     The 72 hour window will allow us to contact someone on the wait list or try to fulfill the spot that is being vacated.     

Can I ride in the boat as a caregiver?

We highly discourage this practice as per our insurance rules only members of USA Water Ski and our staff may ride in the boat.  Changing out riders in the boat also slows down the event signifigantly, so we try to avoid this unless absolutely nesassary.    In certian special situations, we may allow a parent to ride in the boat if the participant sufferes from high-anxiety, and only after the parent/caregiver has filled out a insurance waiver and only if the boat driver allows it.     Anyone in the boat must also have a personal floatational device on them at all times.    All of our boats are owned personally by our volunteers, so the boat owner has the final say on who is allowed in their vessel.    

Event Location:

Total Seats: 26 (26 Left:)
  • Donahue Rowing Center
  • 237 N Quinsigamond Ave
  • Shrewsbury
  • MA
  • 01545
  • USA

Event Schedule Details

  • July 10, 2024 8:30 am   -   5:00 pm
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