12 03, 2022

2022 Club Memberships NOW Available!

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The board of directors have set the club dues for the 2022 season!

As we all know, gas prices have gone way up this off season, and thus we have had to raise our dues to compensate.     Members will also be asked to help in fundraising activities to further offset the cost of gas this season.   

Individual Memberships: $175
Family Memberships:    $175 first member,  $125 for each additional family member. 
Non-Skiing/Supporting Members:   $30
Drop Ins/Day Rate:  $40

Memberships can be purchased online here or via checks made out to the Webster Water Ski Collective.  

All Active members MUST have […]

18 09, 2020

Minutes from September 14th General Meeting

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September 14th General Meeting

Attendees:  Bill, Carrie, Heather, Chad, McKenzie, Ryan, Linda, Hannah, Ronnie, Chanson, Joe, Kevin, Blake, Reanna,  Enoch, Nick, Susan, Gloria

Meeting called to order by Ryan at 7:02

Previous meeting minutes from June/July read by Ryan.    Motion was made to accept minutes and passed.   

Linda Read Treasurer’s Report.
Please check email for details.  We do not share financials online.  

LOF/Adaptive Ski Event Budget.   

Please check email for details.  We do not share financials online.      Ryan is tasked with getting a final estimate on a sit-ski. 

New Business –  Nominations for 2021 Officers/Board

Nominations are as follows for the five board positions – basically the […]

30 06, 2020

Meeting Minutes from June 29th General Meeting – Webster Water Ski Collective

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Attendees:  Bill, Susan, Gloria,  Nick, Kevin, Hannah, Antonio,  Ryan (May be missing one or two others).

Known Absences:   Janet,  Linda, Carrie, Heather.  

Meeting opened at 7:05 by Ryan

Item 1)   Treasurer’s Report and Member Status.

Please see the email for this information, or contact Ryan.  We don’t like sharing finances online. 

2)  What we do well/what needs improving/general skiing notes

Overall feedback has been very positive on our first month.    We additionally have received numerous emails about how well the Learn To Ski day this weekend ran, and we picked up 6 new members already from the event and another 3-4 that are interested in […]

21 05, 2020

June 2 – Season Opening Information/COVID 19 Plan

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The board has been trying to navigate the waters of COVID this season and we believe we are finally getting the ducks to corporate and get in rows. . . . (damn ducks)

June 2 will be our start to our official season!   

We will ski Tuesday/Thursdays from 6pm->dusk and Sundays from 7am-10am.      We may also bring on Saturday morning skiing as well, but we need to iron out some more details.    The Webster Board of Health has been notified of our plan and has signed off on it.     We are also notifying the Webster PD to give them a heads up […]

21 05, 2020

May 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

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1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from May 11,2020 in Attendance: Linda, Peg, Carrie, Nick, Kevin, Blake, Susan, Heather and Ryan Started at 7:05pm
2)  Treasurer’s Report
      – 501c3 status update was Approved! Officially 501c3!!!
3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
    – News from USA Water Ski.We are waiting for state report
    – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing, we decided on 10/10 split pick a boat and stick to it.
    – Memberships caps? At 40
    – social distancing- wear masks on shore and driver […]
21 04, 2020

Webster Water Ski Collective obtains 501c3 Status

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We are pleased to announce we have received our 501C3 designation from the IRS today.

This designation will assist us in our mission to provide classes/clinics that will promote safe boating and water sports on Webster Lake and the surrounding area.

Once COVID-19 goes away, we will begin to provide clinics for our members, local organizations, and to the general public that promote the sport of water skiing in a safe and fun environment.

We a looking forward to a great season! Hope you can join us!


19 03, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2020

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Board of Directors Meeting of March 10, 2020

Board Members present Ryan, Nick, Heather, Linda.
Other Members: Dave
Absent: Carrie (sick).

Meeting was called to order by Ryan at 6pm.

Item 1: Treasurer’s report

As noted previously, the checking account has been set up and we are accepting memberships via check (Made payable to Webster Water Ski Collective) and via our website (PayPal).

Linda read through the treasurer’s report and we roughly have $1700 in the checking account at this time after Ryan deposited current membership dues from PayPal into the account.

Ryan then walked Linda and the board through the PayPal process and through the backend record […]

22 01, 2020

Minutes from January 20, 2020 General Meeting

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January 20, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Webster Water Ski Collective had a general membership meeting on January 20, 2020 at Point Breeze in Webster.
Attendees (15):   Linda, Heather, Carrie, Kevin, Blake, Nick, Bob, Susan, Victoria, Peg, Tim, Gloria, Bill, Karen, Ryan
Known Absences (via email/call) – 7:    Kelly, Ron,  Jim, Dave,  Joan,  Janet,  Joe.

After a social period, the meeting was called to order at 7pm by Ryan

Item 1)   Elections

In the previous meeting on October 29th, 2019, the following people were nominated for officers:

President: Ryan DesRoches
Vice President: Nick Cioffi
Secretary: Heather Jackman
Treasurer: Linda Candela
Director: Carrie Wolfe

These nominees were announced in the meeting minutes […]

21 11, 2019

Meeting Minutes from October 29, 2019 General Meeting

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The collective held its second ever meeting on October 29th at Point Breeze:

Attendees (15):   Linda Candela, Bob Patrick, Kevin Kudzal, Peg Daley, Nick Cioffi, Carrie Wolfe, Gloria Ricker, Ron Kokernak, Tim Bell, Joe Zmetra,  Ryan DesRoches, Leonardo Topa, Joan Kokernak, David Kokernak
Known Absences (4):  Susan Tritell,  Bill Michalson, Karen Michalson, Heather Jackman

Meeting opened at 7pm, with Ryan serving as moderator.

Item 1)   Incorporation:

Ryan gave the floor to Linda and Tim to convey their research into incorporate.    Its was both their recommendation to try to incorporate as a tax-exempt organization, which would require us to fill out a form 1023EZ with IRS.    […]

25 09, 2019

Minutes from September 24, 2019 General Meeting

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Minutes from September 24, 2019 General Meeting

Attendees (16):   Linda Candela, Bob Patrick, Bill Michalson, Karen Michalson, Kevin Kudzal, Peg Daley, Heather Jackman, Nick Cioffi, Chad Sullivan, Carrie Wolfe, Randy Daggett, Gloria Ricker, Ron Kokernak, Tim Bell, Joe Zmetra,  Ryan DesRoches.

Absent, but called with interest:  Brenda Romanek,  Susan Tritell,  Janet Goddard, Christina Menard

Sorry if I misspelled any names!


Ryan kicked off the meeting promptly at 7pm with a thank you to the group for making 2019 a lot of fun and seeing the group grow organically from three people back in April/May to a group of about 30 at this point. […]


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