26 10, 2020

General Meeting and Election Minutes from October 19th, 2020

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Attendees: Ryan, Carrie, Heather, Karen, Bill, Blake, Linda, Chanson, Kevin, Joe, Nick

Meeting called to order at 7:05 by Ryan

1) Minutes/Treasurer’s report:   Ryan read previous meetings minutes and gave a treasurer’s report due to Linda having technical issues.       A full detailed treasurer’s report was emailed to the board and is available on request.   

We are currently taking in donations for the SwaterSki event on December 5th,  and all proceeds to that event tll go to the National Brain Tumor Society in memory of Christine (Repsys) Menard, mother of Keith Menard (friend of the collective).

The Minutes and Treasurers report was accepted with […]

5 05, 2020

Agenda for May 11, 2020 General Meeting (Zoom)

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Our General Meeting for Monday May 11th has been moved to the Zoom virtual meeting platform.     A meeting Id and password was sent to the mailing list, if you did not receive it and would like to join, pleas email us at WebsterWaterSki@Gmail.com


1)  Summary of Board meeting minutes from March 10th

2)  Treasurer’s Report
       – 501c3 status update

3)  Skiing in the COVID world.
     – News from USA Water Ski
     – Setting our own policy on safe social distancing while skiing
     – Memberships caps?
     – Training and certifications

4)  Clothing orders, etc

5) Learn to Ski Days

6) New Business/Discussion from the general membership. 

27 02, 2020

March 10th Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

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Agenda for March 10th Board of Directors meeting.

This meeting is meant for the board of directors of the Webster Water Ski Collective, but any member in good standing is welcome to attend and observe.     General members will not be allowed to vote, but can request that any controversial issues be brought before the general membership in the next meeting (April). 


  1.  Treasurer’s report and 501c3 status ( Linda ).
  2. Walk through of online memberships/record keeping
  3.  Safety Coordination and Driver’s Certification training status
  4. Events for 2020  ( LOF Skiers, Learn to Ski, Slalom clinics).
  5. Marketing and Merchandising plan
  6. Fundraising
  7. Plan for docks/cleanup […]
5 12, 2019

January 20, 2020 Meeting Agenda

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A meeting will be held at Point Breeze Restaurant beginning at 7pm,  people may arrive to order dinner at 6:30pm.


 1) Election of Officers for 2020

Current nominees are:
President:  Ryan DesRoches
Vice President:   Nick Cioffi
Secretary:   Heather Jackman
Treasurer:    Linda Candela
Director:   Carrie Wolfe

Any “member” may nominate someone for a position or run themselves.    Only members over the age of 14 will be allowed to vote for the board per rules set in the last meeting.

2) Incorporation/Banking News  (Linda and Tim )

Recommendation to file as 501c7 (social club)  instead of 501c3 (charity), weight pros and cons of each.

3) Bylaws  ( Ryan, Carrie, Karen)

Proposed edits to […]


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