Making Skiing Available to Everyone.

At the Webster Water Ski Collective, we love to make new skiers. The best feeling for us is watching someone fall in love with our sport for the first time. The smiles and laughter are contagious, and it brings us back to when we fell in love with the sport ourselves.  Adaptive skiing is that feeling for us on steroids, and thats why we do our Learn to Ski events and why we are honored to be one of the few clubs in the country that is trying to make skiing available to everyone through our growing Adaptive Water Ski program.   

Over the past three seasons, our program has grown and continues to offer more events and services.     In 2022, we hosted four events across four different lakes and were able to meet our goal of pulling over 100 disabled skiers in our events.     In 2022, we also welcomed in some of our disabled friends with Downs Syndrome to join our general club and ski with us on weekends and start progressing in the sport.     

In 2020, our first season as a club,  the Leaps of Faith (LOF) skiers our of Sandy Hook CT helped us host our first “Any Age, Any Disability” adaptive ski event at Point Breeze in Webster.   This first of its kind event on Webster Lake saw 24 disabled participants aged 5-28 with various disabilities ranging from Autism, Down Syndrome,  Spinal Bifida,   Blindness,  Muscular Atrophy and more ski and have a fantastic day with us.      At the end of the day,  I am not sure if the participants had more fun or the volunteers.    Since that day, we have been hooked and have been able to grow our program year by year.   

For our Adaptive Ski Event schedule, please view our Events Page.   

Photos and videos of prior events:

August 2020 – First Adaptive Ski Event at Point Breeze, Webster
June 2021 – Second Annual “Any Age, Any Disability” Event –  Point Breeze, Webster
August 2021 – Lake Quinsigamond Adaptive Ski Day – Donahue Rowing Center,  Shrewsbury, MA

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