About the Webster Water Ski Collective

The Webster Water Ski Collective is a USA Water Ski affiliated ski club.   We started in 2019 when three friends just got together and wanted to ski and help others ski simply for the fun of it,  no drama, not politics – just go and have a good time.

We soon were asked if we could teach others to ski, and before you knew it out little group of friends grew to a ‘collective’ of about 30 of us.     Our goal never changed though – which is to have fun on the water and to share the love of the lake and skiing with others.

Ron Kokernak teaching kids to ski

Former AWSA National Jump Champion, Ron Kokernak, teaching a new skier how to get up on skis.

2019 also saw members of the collective volunteer with the LOF Adaptive Skiers out of Sandy Hook, CT  and also participate in regional show skiing (NSSA) and three-event tournaments (AWSA).    Many of our members are also active snow skiers, and we love getting together for some ski nights in the winter as well.

In 2020, we more formally organized with elected officers and enacted our club bylaws.    We plan on starting our official ski season on June 1, and ski two nights and one weekend morning this season.     We also plan on having different events such as a learn to ski day, some clinics and safety clinics throughout the season.  

Quick Facts:

  • All of our instructors, drivers, and safety personal are USA Water Ski certified.
  • Yearly dues are $125 with family discounts and non-skiier memberships available.
  • We ski from Point Breeze Marina in Webster, and Glen Echo Lake in Charlton Mass.   
  • Official season is June-> August, with an extended pay-per-ski season starting in the spring and continuing through late fall (weather permitting).
  • We plan on having clinics in the off-season and also during the ski season for those that wish to get certifications in the sport.
  • We do offer one-on-one instruction,  just ask!    We love making new skiers!
  • We encourage all types of skiing and water sports including wake-boarding, hydrofoiling, show skiing and three-event skiing.
  • We are still organizing for 2020,  and welcome input as we plan for a great season.   All members input is greatly encouraged, and we strongly encourage members to volunteer to make the collective better!